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Buy 360 Camera HOT!

With the best 360 cameras, you can capture images and videos that are quite unlike anything else. Interactive 360-degree content allows a user to navigate through it using a mouse or a touchscreen and is an unparalleled way to capture an incredible landscape, a fleeting street scene, or a pulse-pounding bike ride. It requires getting a little technical, but the results are so worth it.

buy 360 camera

The files created by 360-degree cameras are big and unwieldy, as often 360-degree cameras are really multiple cameras in one, capturing different perspectives that can then be stitched together in software. However, many 360 cameras also let you dive in and pick out a flat "slice" of a scene to convert into a more traditional "flat" video. This means you have tremendous versatility with a 360-degree camera; it almost doesn't matter where you point it.

At My360 we are in the business of virtual tour software, not the business of camera development, so when we get a great deal from our camera suppliers we add their links to our website so our users can also enjoy a little camera discount. These 360 cameras are all offered at factory prices and some also include extra hardware for free.

Images, and the devices that capture them, are my focus. I've covered cameras at PCMag for the past 10 years, which has given me a front row seat for the DSLR to mirrorless transition, the smartphone camera revolution, and the mainstream adoption of drones for aerial imaging. You can find me on Instagram @jamespfisher.

While most cameras are made to cut out a slice of the world for posterity, dual-lens models take the opposite approach. These 360-degree cameras record everything around them, so you can share footage on VR platforms or creatively reframe video to fit a 16:9 screen.

On the other hand, realtors and interior designers who want to show off homes and produce virtual tours are better off with a photo-first camera. Ricoh offers virtual tour software for its Theta series, and Matterport is a familiar name in the real estate photography space.

When you're buying a 360-degree camera for video, think about how you'll use it. To get the best-looking footage you'll want a camera with better than 5K resolution. You'll also want one with a strong software package so you can edit spherical footage to view on 16:9 displays.

The Insta360 X3 is our favorite 360-degree video camera. Its lenses support 5.7K30 video with Active HDR for better results in mixed lighting and you get access to several creative features including slow-motion bullet time and 8K time lapses. The camera is waterproof and can survive rough handling too, so it's suitable for mounting and capturing action. Insta360's software tools put the X3 over the top because they make it easy to edit and reframe spherical video in creative ways.

The Insta360 One RS sets itself apart from dedicated 360-degree cameras by way of a modular design. You can use its dual-lens 360 cam to roll 5.7K spherical footage, or swap in the 4K Boost lens for digitally stabilized 16:9 at up to 60fps, 6K CinemaScope at 24fps, and 48MP Quad Bayer stills.

The Ricoh SC2 snaps smartphone-quality spherical stills using dual lenses. It stands up on its own, or can be mounted to a tripod, and works with an app for remote control. The camera is offered in several fun colors.

Regardless of how you intend to utilize the footage, it's important to look at a 360 camera as another tool in the kit. The footage you're able to capture using the tech can be compelling, but it's certainly not the right tool to use for every shot in a video, or even for every project. A good 360-degree camera can supplement your action cam, drone, or full-frame mirrorless video rig, but it's not a replacement for any of them.

Most 360 cameras can automatically delete a selfie stick, so it looks like the camera is floating next to the user. A sort of inexpensive drone shot, minus the cost and legalities of drone ownership. The video above was shot with a 360 camera on an antenna mount.

For a few hundred dollars you can get a camera that shoots 360-degree photospheres and videos, sometimes adding in waterproofing and the ability to cut your videos into regular square videos unlike any a normal camera can record.

Well, the most obvious is the ability to shoot photospheres and 360 videos. Duh. With certain phones you can painstakingly photograph a few dozen images and the phone will stich it together into a sphere. This, as opposed to one click with a 360 camera.

Capture the details in absolutely everything around you - and at the same time - with a 360 degree camera. The 360 video cameras record a crisp and spherical view that gives your viewers the feeling of being in the scene.

Invest in an Insta360 Pro 2 8K Professional 360 VR Camera to record 8K video while live streaming 4K video. This premium 360 VR camera has an adjustable shutter speed, six 200 degrees fisheye lenses and high-speed frame rates for making great quality outputs.

Check out our complete range of 360 degree cameras and action cameras online today. Take advantage of our knowledgeable staff in-store and online and ask them which 360 camera is right for you! Check out our shipping information online. Shop online and enjoy flat-rate delivery Australia-wide, or check out our store locator to visit a Camera House store near you.

360 may have started as a gimmick, but cameras like the Rylo are showing that there is a real consumer application for it. There are other 360 cams worth considering, though. The GoPro Fusion produces extremely clean stitching if you have the patience for it, and the slim Ricoh Theta will easily fit in just about any pocket. Here are the best 360 cameras you can buy right now.

In addition, Garmin added features that are just now coming into the action camera category, including voice controls. The Virb 360 includes image stabilization, with multiple steady modes that make a big difference in the final video. The Virb 360 includes a number of different built-in sensors, much like the Virb Ultra 30 action camera, that allows users to add overlays that share details like how fast you were going or even how high you jumped. Both the stabilization options and overlays are accessible in both the Garmin app and the desktop editor.

For many, the iPhone is a camera that also makes phone calls. The camera has improved greatly over the years, as have the third-party gadgets designed to improve your iPhoneography. From lenses and lights to gimbals and microphones, the right accessories can take the camera you have in your pocket and make it even more accurate and flexible. Here are the best iPhone camera accessories to take your mobile photography (and video) to the next level.

Mirrorless cameras have a lot of versatility. They tend to be on the smaller and lighter side in comparison to DSLRs, and still produce amazing images. Some even come loaded with features to improve your picture taking experience. Our favorite is the Fujifilm X-T4, offering an excellent combination of features and performance in an overall compact size. Few other cameras nail the photographic experience so expertly, and the X-T4 feels like an aspirational dream camera without the exorbitant price that usually accompanies such a product.

Whether you want to purchase a top of the line model or you'd rather have something a little more basic, we're here to make your shopping easier by providing you with some options. Check out our top mirrorless camera recommendations.At a glance:

The first challenge was trying to figure out which cameras to include in our shoot-out. A quick Google search of 360 cameras will show you can spend anywhere from $200 (for the LG 360 Cam) to $60,000 (for Nokia's Ozo camera).

You also need to factor in the viewing angle. Even cameras that have 360 in the name won't produce shoot the entire 360 degree angle. The 360Fly and Kodak's Pixpro SP360 are two examples of cameras that only have a viewing range of 240 degrees vertically. To get a full spherical image, you can fill in the missing angle with graphics as in the case of the 360Fly, or set up two cameras back to back as in the case of the Pixpro.

To produce a full 360 shot with a GoPro you'll need at least 6 of them mounted on a third party rig or wait for GoPro's Omni, a fully integrated solution that incorporates the six cameras into one casing and syncs them all automatically.

The simple explanation for the vast difference in price is quality: the cheaper the camera, the lower the resolution. But there's more to it than that. Only the cameras at the high end of the price spectrum, like the Ozo, are capable of shooting stereoscopic video for VR.

Beginner: The Theta S is Ricoh's the second version of Ricoh's 360 camera and costs around $350. Point and shoot and you're ready to go. The stitching is done on the fly so you can share your shot right away without editing. Others in this category include the Samsung Gear 360 and the LG 360 Cam.

Prosumer: We tested out a Freedom360 rig, a third-party enclosure using six GoPro Hero4s. The rig requires you to press all six capture buttons at once and sync the videos manually with a special editing software. The entire setup may end up costing over $3,000 ($500 for the Freedom360 rig plus the six cameras and the software). 041b061a72


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