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The Ship's Store is Open

Grab your custom national and local gear here from Rebirth Sports. Be sure to check out our SquadLocker store for CG Hockey Logo Bags and apparel from Adidas and Under Armour. Need new sticks or gloves? STX has Coast Guard Hockey members covered with 20% off all hockey gear!

20% off STX Hockey  Equipment  

STX is a proud supporter of Coast Guard Hockey. Coast Guard Hockey members recieve 20% off all STX hockey equipment (Sticks, Gloves, Protective, Pants). This is on top of their already low prices, direct to customer service, free shipping, and 14-day trial on Elite Gear. Use code USA20 and replace that old gear that keeps you from having guests over!

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On Ice Gear by                                           

Due to the minimum order requirements by our manufacturer, custom orders will be collected and submitted in bulk when the minimum of 5 pieces of an individual item is reached. We cannot guarantee a turn-around time, however normal time to receipt is ~5weeks after we place orders. Please see below for the current queue amount for order submission. You will receive follow up e-mails when the order is placed, and tracking numbers when items ship. Thanks again for your support!​

Rebirth Order Queue

National Team Jersey (Orange): 0

National Team Jersey (White): 1
National Team Jersey (Black): 0

Pant Shell: 0
Throwback  Hoodie: 0

National Team Hoodie: 0

*UPDATED 3/22/24*

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