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Gear Swap (Buy/Sell/Trade)

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Welcome to our online gear swap page.

SELLERS: 1. All items for sale must have a picture. All pics must have a price, description & your location. 2. The 1st person to state "Interested" gets 1st dibs on the item. Skipping over a buyer stating they are interested is prohibited. 3. After a member states they are interested please PM them in a promptly manner (within 24 hours) to set up a meeting or to answer any other questions 4. Put "Pending" (pending pick up) under the pic after you set up pick up/shipping arrangements with a buyer 5. Delete your post once your item has been sold/picked up 6. Auctioning or selling at a rate higher than you posted is prohibited.

BUYERS: 1. To buy an item post "interested" under the pic & then tag the seller & send them a PM in a timely manner (within 24 hours) with any questions & pick up arrangements. 2. All questions & price negotiations must be done AFTER you state "interested" via PM

No businesses or other groups are allowed to post without authorization. Local yard sales can be posted 24 hours prior to the date of the sale, no pictures.


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