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Commandant's Cup Champions Crowned

From April 25 to 27, nine teams and over 120 skaters gathered in Hyannis, Massachusetts to compete for the 27th Coast Guard Commandant's Cup. In the end, the New England Operators took down the defending champion Papp's Blue Ribbon in the semi-finals before beating newcomers the Midrats in the finals on top of a stellar performance by goalie Andrew Slobiski. A marathon event, each team played a minimum of five games over the three days. With lots of ice time, there was also ample downtime during social events at Cape Cod Beer and the Portside Tavern.

Started in 1995, the tournament has been held annually with the exception of a three year break from 2020-2022 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The event is open to current and former USCG members, current auxiliaries, civilians, contractors, and dependents. Each team is also allowed to roster spots for non-USCG-affiliated first responders or non-dependent immediate family.

New England Operators

Alfie Blakley Dependent

AMT3 Andrew Slobiski Air Station Atlantic City

Brian Veilleux Citizens Engine Company No.2 Seymour Connecticut

Conner Nadeau Prior ME3

BM3 Derek Klein Station LA/LB

ME2 Erik Tiner NRFTC

AST2 Evan Grills Air Station Cape Cod

ME1 Gage Hunt Base Boston Security

MK3 John Butler TRACEN Yorktown

LT John Darling Sector Boston

Justice Cook Prior ME2

BM2 Kevin Lavertu Station South Portland

Mike Hiltz Prior ME2

LTJG Nicholas Robinson Sector Boston

DC1 Nick Thrasher MSST Cape Cod

Philip Densmore Active US Army Maine Recruiting Company

ME3 Richard Russo Baltimore Yard Security

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JRS Goalie_edited.png
JRS Goalie_edited.png
JRS Goalie_edited.png
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