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How Total Materia Can Help You with Material Properties, Cross-references, and Advanced Data

Total Materia contains information for more than 450,000 metallic and non-metallic materials, including a unique collection of advanced properties data which provides stress-strain curves, formability diagrams, fatigue data, fracture mechanics information, and creep data for thousands of materials.

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Total Materia has allowed us to solve in a definite way all problems we had for the search of alternate materials in foreign countries. Thanks to Total Materia we have issued real "international" specs for purchase of steels in foreign countries.

Next to each data set available for download you will find a small, blue, add to export button. When you click on the button you will be able to see exactly which software formats will support the export of this property.

Further properties can be added to the clipboard by navigating through the available data for the selected material. This can include - composition data, physical properties, stress strain and fatigue data

New to Total Materia?Download the app for a free trial and access immediately!Your company already subscribes to Total Materia?Download the app and use you username and password to get immediate full unlimited access!About Total Materia:- The world's most comprehensive materials database!- Fingertip access to >450,000 metallic and non-metallic materials.- Composition, mechanical and physical properties, heat treatment info and more- Find data for polymers, composites, fibers, ceramics and more in the dedicated non-metallics module- Unique experimental dataset includes stress strain and cyclic properties for thousands of materials- Export data to the world's leading CAE software- >15 million material connections to find international material equivalents- Corrosion, welding, coatings and dimensions information- Identify unknown materials from composition data derived from spectrometry analysis- Compare materials and properties through intuitive selection functionalitiesAbout the Total Materia app- If your company already subscribes to the full version of Total Materia then you can use your username and password to access the app. If you have forgotten your username and password please contact for assistance- If it is your first visit to Total Materia then you can download the app to enter a free trial of 5 sessions to the database- For more information on the main product and subscription options visit If you have problems downloading or accessing the app please contact for assistanceFor information about our terms of use please visit: =TermsOfUse&LN=EN

- If your company already subscribes to the full version of Total Materia then you can use your username and password to access the app. If you have forgotten your username and password please contact for assistance

Access to Total Materia data from within the HyperMesh environment. Search from over 200,000 materials and find data including mechanical and physical properties, stress-strain data, and fatigue information for direct import in OptiStruct format into selected material cards. The second development phase will include RADIOSS format and a range of more than 15 other software solver formats e.g., ANSYS, Solidworks, etc.

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Compliance: The Compliance module provides a single source of information about global regulations for materials and substances. Compliance includes international regulations, such as REACH and RoHS, national, from the US to Japan, China and Russia, as well as specialized regulations such as food industry, water and sanitation, all integrated and searchable with material properties information.

DataPLUS: DataPLUS is a supplementary module providing data subsets covering joints information, lubricants and coolants, material dimensions, tribology, and coatings for thousands of metallic and non-metallic materials.

SmartComp: Metal identification by chemical composition obtained from spectrometer or other analytical sources for unknown materials. Useful for failure analysis, reverse engineering and a range of quality assessment activities.

Flagship database offering the ultimate in standard materials properties data including composition, mechanical and physical properties, heat treatment diagrams, cross-reference tables and much much more for over 350,000 alloys!

Provides an unparalleled material properties resource for advanced CAE/FEA structural and thermal calculations and analysis and includes thousands of stress strain curves, cyclic properties and formability curves and more.

Browse, search and quickly find material suppliers from all over the world in combination with the Total Metals Database which provides accurate connection between materials, their properties and potential local or global suppliers.

Identify unknown materials from chemical composition which has been generated by spectrometer. Find matches from one of the 350,000+ metals and then view material property data and cross-references at the click of a button.

Exceptional economy: This is the most cost-effective solution if you have several individuals who need access to material properties information. Many people can have access to the database information whenever they need it.

Below are links to download almost all of the assets in FFRK. These were obtained by just going to each link and saving each image. This includes characters (full sheets and single sprites), bosses, soul breaks, abilities, materias, magicite, historia, and of course more than 13,000 relics!

For Mega, first enter https:// and mega and dot and nz and /file/ ... then add the appropriate string from below to finish the link and it will take you to the download. Reddit makes these links remove the entire post for some reason, so it has to be done this way, but at least it's available as backup.

Third, this does not include some of the most recent things in the JP version since they aren't in the community database yet and I do not know how to datamine to see if there are other images and get relevant info on them. Unique Equipment are also not yet included. There aren't that many right now, so if you really want them it would be very easy to download each individual one and add to your collection.

You will also find the Poison Materia towards the end of Chapter 10 - Haunted when climbing to the top of a ladder and searching the small open area on top. Click here for a complete guide to finding this materia during this chapter.

Purple Materia will increase your stats and provide other buffs and debuffs as needed. As the name suggests, you do not need to combine Purple Materia with other types for it to be effective. Complete materia used to be known as Independent Materia.

XRF technology is used for rapid material characterization and analysis to ensure product chemistry specifications are met. X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) technology is a technique for accurate, nondestructive elemental analysis in a wide range of chemical, paint, polymer, and plastic applications.

The new generation of spark spectrometer Q2 ION elevates metal analysis into new levels of simplicity and ease-of-use. Today it is one of the smallest and lightest ultra-compact spark emission spectrometer for metal analysis available. It is a versatile multi-matrix system for comprehensive incoming material inspection and quality assurance of metal alloys. Its primary applications and metal matrices include copper, aluminum and iron at smaller foundries, inspection companies, metal recycling and metal fabricators. An affordable price and exceptional low operational costs make this spectrometer the ideal tool for smaller and medium-size businesses.

OES is the work horse in metal analysis par excellence. It gives you fast analysis of your solid metal samples including positive material identification, alloy grades and material sorting. The Q2 ION perfectly fits the requirements of foundries, fabricators, metal recyclers, warehouses and metal processing plants by combining ease-of-use with easy portability and low operation costs.


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