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Should I Buy A Kia Sorento _BEST_

In everyday driving scenarios, the dual-clutch transmission that comes on some of the trim levels lacks in refinement. Its smoothness just does not match that of the Telluride and is not what you should expect from a family-friendly SUV. It falls short of our expectations for Kia, and we hope that Kia will tweak the DCT to make the gear shifts smoother for drivers. The SX FWD especially shows issues with shuddering coming through the seats and pedals while driving at slower speeds.

should i buy a kia sorento


The 2011 Kia Sorento is the one that you should avoid the most. It ranks top for having the most complaints from owners. It has the highest chance of encountering an engine problem, an airbag and seat belt problem, a drivetrain problem, and a brakes problem.

If you want a small SUV but sometimes need to transport six or more people, the 2023 Kia Sorento should be on your short list. The Sorento is one of only a handful of small SUVs on the market that offers third-row seating. Slotting between the smaller five-passenger Sportage and larger three-row Telluride, the Sorento is a right-sized option that can squeeze in up to seven passengers in a pinch.

The Outlander isn't a hugely popular model, but like the Sorento it offers standard three-row seating in a compact SUV package. Sharing its platform with its corporate cousin, the Nissan Rogue, the Outlander delivers a comfortable ride and composed handling. Its weakest link, however, is its gutless engine and slow acceleration. Also, the Outlander's third row should be reserved for children since it lacks the legroom and headroom an adult would need to sit comfortably.

The CR-V is one of our favorite compact SUVs, and though it doesn't offer a third row as an option, it otherwise stands out because of its compelling mix of comfort, safety technology, and pleasing performance and handling. The CR-V boasts a spacious cabin and a generous cargo area, with 39.2 cubic feet of space available behind the second row. With its third row bench up, the Sorento has significantly less room, but dropping the rearmost seat yields 45 cubic feet. If you don't need more than five seats, the CR-V should definitely be on your radar.

The real-world fuel economy this Sorento deliveries is quite impressive, especially when you consider its strong performance. In my hands, it averaged 27.2 miles per gallon according to the onboard computer. That's better than its advertised combined score of 25 mpg. In city driving, this vehicle is rated at 22 mpg, and on the highway it should return 29 mpg.

Aside from a few questionable design choices and a less-than-ideal transmission, the 2021 Kia Sorento SX Prestige is an excellent all-around SUV. Sweetening the deal, this vehicle is also a strong value. Including $1,170 in destination charges, a front-wheel-drive LX model starts at $30,560. That's $1,300 more than its entry-level predecessor, but additional standard equipment should help offset that price hike. Of course, if you need all-wheel drive, plan on budgeting $1,800 more. In comparison, the nearly top-of-the-line version tested here checks out for a still-reasonable $42,205. But honestly, the Sorento feels like it should cost at least a few grand more than that thanks to its comfortable and spacious interior, pleasant dynamics and attractive design.

These systems are working in the background, at the ready to inform the driver and, in many cases, intervene when necessary to prevent or reduce the severity of a collision or other safety event. Some of them, such as blind-spot and rear cross-traffic warning with collision avoidance, represent must-have technology. For that reason, we think that buyers should only consider a Sorento with S 2.5 or higher trim as those features are not available on the base Sorento LX 2.5.

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Deciding to buy the next-generation Sorento at Jenkins Kia of Gainesville is easy to do, but which trim level and packages should you select? Our helpful sales associates are excited to meet with you and will eagerly show off the trims and features of the 2021 Sorento when you stop by the showroom. To get more familiar with the revamped Sorento with a tour of our showroom, connect with our associates at Jenkins Kia of Gainesville.

The popular Kia Sorento has the exceptional versatility that you are searching for in your next SUV. For 2020, the Sorento is a three-row vehicle that is an extension of the model's third generation. If you are thinking about buying this midsize crossover SUV, you should be aware of a few critical updates that have been made for the 2020 model year. On the exterior, both the front and rear bumpers and lights have been refreshed to elevate the Sorento's modern appeal. Also, the EX and SX Limited trims that were available in the 2019 model year are no longer available. For 2020, the trim options are the L, the LX, the S V6, the EX, and the SX.

The K5 is the rebranded version of the Kia Optima midsize sedan. With its broad-shouldered stance and chiseled lines, this car looks sportier than competing family sedans such as the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. The Kia K5 provides solid utility, with more cargo space than the rival Subaru Legacy. All-wheel drive is offered for those facing slick roads. And the K5's cabin is home to attractive design and spacious accommodations.

My impressions of the Kia Sorrento PHEV are: the interior punches well above its weight class. It is similar in quality and tactile experience to what one would see in an entry level Volvo, Lexus, or Acura. The Sorento PHEV handles very well in corners, for a mid-size SUV, due to the weight of the batteries being low and central. The electric motor provides noticeable low end torque for responsive initial acceleration, though the extra weight of the EV powertrain does hurt it's acceleration time compared to the turbo 2.5 gas only version. Acceleration and handling should be more than adequate for most drivers. 041b061a72


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