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Nikolai Muravyov
Nikolai Muravyov

Avestrava Tattoo

AVESTRAVA TATTOOis a family of letters from Avestrava. This time the tattoo style is more gothic than Avestrava Regular which tends to be formal. Of course it will be very suitable for your tattoo studio business, such as for making a logo or tattoo design. In addition to supporting the design of your tattoo studio promotions such as business card designs, posters, flyers, brochures, t-shirts, stickers, even very good if applied to your social media such as the design of Instagram stories, Instagram posts, your website etc.

Avestrava Tattoo


Introducing a script tattoo style perfect for your logo tattoo studio, tattoo design, branding, logo lettering, shirt design, and more. Astolfo features uppercase & lowercase letters, numerals, an extensive range of punctuation, and accented & alternate lowercase with good swash. This font comes with standard spacing and can be optimized to any size. Overall, Astolfo is a professional script font with a tattoo style suitable for a wide range of designs.

With so many features, this font is also suitable for the design of your tattoo studio promotions, such as business card designs, posters, flyers, brochures, t-shirts, and stickers. This font is also perfect if applied to your social media, such as the design of Instagram stories, Instagram posts, websites, etc.

Welcome, Incognite, a font that offers you a classic tattoo feel. This blackletter font has regular spacing and can be optimized to a large (display/poster) size. It features basic characters, numerals, punctuations, and more. This font is perfect for various designs such as custom tattoo lettering, motorbike-themed t-shirt design, sporty e-sport logotypes, etc.

If you are looking for a retro tattoo font, you should check out this font. It features uppercase & lowercase letters, numerals, punctuations, OpenType features, and multilingual support. This tattoo comes in two formats (OTF and TTF).

The Strong West font is a normally-spaced font that belongs to the serif family of typefaces and can be optimized to any size. It is excellent for logotypes, barbershops, badges, tattoo artists, tattoo merchandise, tattoo letters, and so much more.

Make your designs stunning with this vintage-looking tattoo font, perfect for tattoo-themed graphics and other projects. BRADWICK is a top-notch font for tattoo artists who like to make classic retro-looking inking. It comes loaded with uppercase & lowercase letters, numerals, punctuations, and multilingual support.

Inspired by text on tattoo art, Puerto is a playful tattoo font suitable for branding, logos, posters, layers, brochures, advertisements, and more. This normally-spaced font belongs to the sans-serif family of typefaces and can be optimized to any size. It comes with basic alphabets, numerals, punctuations, and multilingual support.

Meet The Lastring is a script typeface with a tattoo-style, gothic taste combined with vintage and retro style. A versatile font, it comes loaded with uppercase & lowercase letters, numerals, punctuations, and multilingual support. On top of this, you also get ligatures, swashes, and stylistic alternates with this font. It has regular spacing and can be optimized to a large (display/poster) size.

Present a linear font in a folk style suitable for lettering posters, music albums, tattoos, and photo overlays in a hipster style. The Norwolk font includes uppercase & lowercase letters, numerals, symbols, multilingual support, and more. The uppercase letters in this font are decorated with geometric elements.

Designed as a display font for tattoo shops, drink labels, clothing labels, and more, BaeSide is a modern blackletter font with alternates that have an ornate flair. Besides the basic characters, this font comes loaded with loads of alternates, ligatures, bonus flourish elements, and ornaments pulled from some capital letter forms.

Delight your audience with this great tattoo font. Myteri is a free high-quality tattoo script that can be used in a wide range of designs. It features uppercase & lowercase letters, numerals, punctuations, and more.

This is a free tattoo font from one of the largest databases of free fonts online, Font Space. Rose tattoo font is designer-centered, legitimate, and licensed free font. One of the exciting features of this font is that it is reviewed by a moderator, checked for font quality issues, and verified. This font features basic characters, numerals, symbols, and multilingual support.

As a designer, choosing the right tattoo font is essential, as the fonts you select for your designs can easily be the decisive factor between you and the person who wishes to stay with your product or thinks of moving on.

Planning to get a lettering tattoo with some cool words and wondering how to choose a tattoo font? Or maybe you want to know more about lettering tattoo styles? Today, we'll discover different lettering styles for your new tattoo and take a look at the best tattoo fonts available on Envato Elements.

There are a lot of different reasons why you might like to get a lettering tattoo: it can be a great way to literally spell out a powerful message, to perpetuate the name of your loved one, to remember an important date, or maybe to keep a quote which you like right on your skin. No matter what exactly you want to tattoo, it's very important to check the spelling and grammar a few times. Yes, It sounds funny, but when it comes to lettering tattoos, this can be crucial!

The right tattoo writing style will help you to emphasize the meaning of your lettering, and if you want to know how your future tattoo will look in different styles, tattoo fonts from Envato Elements can be a great tool for this purpose, as well as a useful reference/example for a tattooist to show which style you like.

Gothic style is a type of script that was used in Western Europe in the Middle Ages. It features impressive, dark, and even dramatic letterforms with decorative elements. Nowadays, there are plenty of subtypes of this style, and a tattoo can be done in a "classical gothic style" or a grungy, dark style. Gothic calligraphy tattoo lettering can be a perfect choice for almost any area of your skin, and especially for the chest, neck, back, or hands.

This amazing blackletter font is elegant and brutal at the same time. It includes uppercase, lowercase, punctuation, and even international characters. It's suitable for almost any type of tattoo writing.

Another great example of a blackletter gothic font! This one can be great not only for your tattoos, but also for creating logos and CD covers for hardcore bands. Also, you will find a collection of vector illustrations as a bonus, which go really well with the font itself. So you can not only find out how your gothic tattoo will look, but which type of illustrations can be added to create a complex tattoo design.

If you have a tattoo studio, you should take a look at this font, which is part of the Avestrava font family. It's suitable for creating a logo for your tattoo studio or for making promotions such as posters, flyers, business cards, etc. It's also good for making calligraphy tattoo lettering references for your tattooist, if you want something unique and stylish.

If you are looking for old English lettering tattoo fonts, we have this amazing handcrafted decorative font called Cambridge. Oh, I really love how it combines medieval dark aesthetics with a clean and neat design at the same time. You can use it anywhere from tattoos to creating branding on clothes and music albums.

This stylish gothic/blackletter script tattoo lettering font is for people who love motion in their lettering design. Decorative swashes and bold letters are a perfect way to express yourself and to make your tattoo look more dynamic. Check this one out, and you won't regret it!

This script tattoo lettering font has clean, fancy characters and a neat, modern look. It's a perfect choice for a little tattoo on your hand with a word which resonates with you. Besides that, this font can be easily used for creating social media posts, logos, and any other design purpose.

Among different tattoo fonts and lettering, I especially love this one. The thin, elegant lines of this handwritten font will not leave you indifferent. Xandria comes in both OTF and TTF file formats and has multilingual features.

This script tattoo lettering with a natural and stylish look offers a lot of different alternative glyphs, so you can create amazing handwritten-looking letters in a very simple way. And like any other scripts mentioned here, this one can be a great tool for creating invitations, branding, wedding designs, and much more!

Let's say you want something that's not as thin as our previous tattoo fonts. Charlotta is a great handwritten cursive font, which you can easily use for your next tattoo sketch. This font comes in lowercase, uppercase, punctuation, symbols, numbers, and everything you need to complete your tattoo design.

You probably already know this cool tattoo style, as it's pretty popular in the tattoo world. We can describe a traditional Western tattoo style as "old school". It's usually characterized by a limited choice of colors (red, green, yellow, and black), bold black outlines, and classical tattoo elements such as skulls, roses, anchors, and portraits. Old school calligraphy tattoo lettering can use bold letters with partial or full ink filling, or it might look like a thin handwritten font. Old school letters can be a part of a tattoo or a full tattoo.

The sea theme is very popular among different tattoo lettering styles, but it's super popular in the old school style. This amazing font provides everything you need to create a perfect old school tattoo. Bold, partially filled letters with line elements will look great on your skin.

A classic tattoo font with great old school vibes! This font comes in two versions, clean and rough, so it can be useful for both tattoo sketches and creating design elements. As a bonus, you will also get amazing old school tattoo flower vector files. 041b061a72


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