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Download MacOS High Sierra Virtual Machine Images

macOS high sierra is the fourteenth major update of the desktop operating system. And undoubtedly, you will find some new features and modifications to the new macOS. Similarly, there are a significant number of Windows users, that desire to install macOS high their Windows PC. And for that purpose, they need to download the macOS High Sierra VirtualBox and VMware image first. Then you can install macOS high sierra on their Windows PC with the help of a Virtualbox or VMware workstation.

Download macOS High Sierra Virtual Machine Images

Therefore, it is better to download the macOS High Sierra Virtualbox or VMware image for the installation. Furthermore, it does not require additional actions on the image. Therefore, we have already mounted and converted it into the virtual machine image, so as to use it for the installation of macOS High Sierra on Virtualbox or VMware workstation.

Moreover, not only for macOS high sierra but also for the rest operating system including Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, it is recommended to download the Virtual machine image file rather than ISO file. And like that, you will not need to further mount the file to execute any additional commands on the file.

You can download the virtual machine image for macOS high sierra from the two below links. The links will redirect you to the google drive folder, where the file is saved in compressed form. Moreover, we have also divided the complete file into six parts. This is the best choice for those, who have a slow and unstable internet connection at their home.

After downloading the virtual machine image of macOS high sierra. You will certainly install it on a Virtual machine. Therefore, we have already covered the installation section in another extensive article. You can visit the following article for the (A to Z) guide on how to install macOS High Sierra on Virtualbox.

We have provided four links, where you can download the virtual machine image file for macOS High Sierra. Moreover, you can also follow our full guide on how to install macOS High Sierra on Virtualbox. Consequently, we would like to say that DO FOLLOW US for more knowledgeable Up to date content.

Most welcome, in this article, I am going to show you to Download macOS High Sierra Image file for VMware and Virtualbox. If someone needs to install an operating system on their Pc so at that time you need to have the latest iso file of that operating system. So, when you want to install any kind of operating system on any virtual machine then you have to have the latest version of the operating system. macOS High Sierra is the 14th release of macOS and Apple company. Basically, you can install macOS High Sierra in any virtual machine like VMware and Virtualbox as an operating system in your windows easily. Therefore, VMware and Virtualbox are free to download and to use.

Once you download the MacOS High Sierra file then you can install it on Virtualbox, the installation is quite complicated but you can do it with few steps. To install High Sierra you have to download and install Virtualbox on Windows or Linux in case you are a Linux user. After that, you will need to create a virtual machine for MacOS High Sierra and customize the VM. finally, complete the installation. Moreover, if you need the installation steps then follow the below article.

In case, you like to use Vmware and you have information about Vmware Workstation. Then you can install MacOS High Sierra on Vmware on Windows. However, Vmware is much better than Virtualbox because of several features and tools that help you to get better performance. Therefore, download the VMware workstation and create a new virtual machine for macOS High Sierra. Later on, edit the virtual machine and install it on VMware. Moreover, you can check the below article to get the installation steps.

(UPDATED OCT 2022) How to install macOS (High Sierra 10.13, Mojave 10.14, Catalina 10.15, Big Sur 11) on Windows 10 in a VMware Workstation virtual machine including Google drive links to download the VMware VMDK virtual disk images.

This example is for installing High Sierra 10.13 on Windows 10 using VMware Workstation 15. This guide will also work for other versions of macOS e.g. Mojave 10.14, Catalina 10.15 or Big Sur 11. Google drive links to download the virtual disk images for these macOS versions are also included below.

Thanks for sharing your feedback dear James and here is a fix for you: -macos-sierra-screen-resolution-virtualbox/Video tutorial: Updated: The video is removed from YouTube 'Sorry for the inconvenience guys'

No dear, That all you can make out of macOS on VirtualBox but If you install macOS on VMware, then you can get pretty good performance. Install macOS Sierra (10.12) on VMware: -macos-sierra-10-12-vmware/ Install macOS HiGh Sierra (Beta) on VMwware: -macos-high-sierra-vmware-windows/

Great work! I installed on Virtualbox on Linux Mint Mate 18.0. It worked perfectly. Then I was able to update the screen resolution with the instructions at -macos-sierra-screen-resolution-virtualbox/. Excellent instructions and very helpful web pages. Keep up the good work!!

After downloading the patch, copy the patch files to the datastore on ESXi. You can use WinSCP, which supports the transfer of files over SSH by using SFTP, SCP, WebDAV, or S3 protocols (in Linux you can use the equivalent software). WinSCP has a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI), and consists of two main panels. Copy the unlocker files from your local directory to your datastore on the ESXi server. In this example the unlocker patch and the macOS Sierra installation ISO image (Sierra.iso) were created beforehand, and are placed in C:\Virtual\images_MacOS for convenience. The patch is copied to /vmfs/volumes/datastore1 on the ESXi server. Sierra.iso would be copied to the datastore40. Later, you can mount the ISO image from the datastore to the virtual DVD drive of the virtual machine.

1024 x 768 is the default screen resolution for a virtual machine after installing macOS. Other modes are not available in GUI of macOS. VMware Tools can help you to set higher resolution. After installing VMware Tools, reboot the VM. Open the Launchpad, type terminal in the search field and run the Terminal. Execute the following command in the terminal to set the Full HD resolution:

If you intend on using the ISO file for a virtual machine, you simply need to select the Mojave.iso disk image in the virtual machine app as a boot disk, or mount it within the VM as any other disk image would be. You can also convert ISO files to VDI VirtualBox images if needed.


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