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Nikolai Muravyov
Nikolai Muravyov

Buying Wife A Vibrator

Have you ever wondered if you should buy a vibrator for your wife or partner? If so, you are definitely not alone. I have spoken to a few readers who were pondering whether or not they should buy a vibrator or dildo for their wife. Each one had their own, personal reasons for doing so. But is it a good idea?

buying wife a vibrator

The first reason why you should buy a vibrator for your wife or partner is that out of all sex toys, vibrators come in the most styles. It used to be that the majority of vibrators were created specifically for females.

In other words, adding a vibrator to your passionate love-making sessions spices things up and opens up a whole new level of orgasm possibilities. So yes, this is definitely a reason you should buy a vibrator for your wife or partner!

Therefore, if you buy a vibrator for your wife or partner, it gives you another tool to use to enhance orgasms. Use the vibrator to massage, tease and tantalize; slowly bringing your partner to the brink of climax. Then, send them over the edge and into orgasmic bliss any way you please.

Older research has shown that 75% of women need clitoral stimulation to reach climax; leaving only 25% of women who can orgasm from intercourse alone. Therefore, if you want a better chance of experiencing the rare and wonderful mutual orgasm with your partner, you might want to buy a vibrator.

My suggestion would be a small, bullet-type vibrator, finger vibrator or a vibrating penis ring to give her direct clitoral stimulation during love-making and increasing the chance of reaching the big-o together.

Vibrators are a wonderful thing to buy your significant other. Vibrators of all kinds make very short work of powerful orgasms. They are perfectly designed devices that can make your wife orgasm within seconds or minutes. Then, she might be ready for round two. There are no downsides to that.

When it comes to clit stimulation some ladies require prolonged periods of time to reach climax. With a clit vibrator or clit sucking vibrator, deep orgasms arrive lightning fast. (Or if you want to tease her, then you could introduce edging and building up her arousal with a vibrator.)

For those new to vibrators, you might err on the side of gentle stimulation. Our compact clit sucker Kai is on the gentler side which is really great for foreplay, and arousal. This is great for someone who is new to clit suction or the world of vibes.

Buying the best vibrator isn't always an easy journey, especially as there are so many brands and types to choose from nowadays. From clitoral suction toys by Satisfyer to rabbit vibrators from Lovehoney, each vibrator will be suited for a different person so it's always worth delving into the details.

As well as having plenty of choice in brands, when it comes to buying the right toy for you, there are so many other factors to consider. Everyone who wants to use a vibrator will have different tastes, desires, and preferences to consider, from the type of vibrator they use to the material its made from, and even the color of it.

Some will even find that it's not a vibrator they want after all, but a pick of the best sex toys instead. To set you on your way to finding your perfect match in the vibrator market, the woman&home health team has collated a great range of vibes, tried, tested, reviewed them based on all the need-to-know factors.

After speaking to experts about what makes the ideal vibrator, we gathered a range of vibes from across the market, including from world-famous brands like LELO, Lovehoney, and Durex, alongside smaller manufacturers, to test a broad range of toys. As clitoral stimulators, bullets, rabbits, and G-spot vibrators are the most common models, we then broke the vibes down into these categories and tested them all based on the following factors:

These types of vibrators tend to be clitoral stimulators and they have a lot in common with bullet vibrators, with one key difference. The former mainly just vibrate at different speeds and in various pulsation patterns, and the latter (like the famous rose sex toy) works to simulate oral sex sensations like licking, sucking, and blowing.

The Pro 2 offers intense stimulation using Air Pulse Technology, the brand's creation. I tested this toy myself and found that this means the toy uses powerful puffs of air to create waves of pleasure instead of standard vibrations. It's better than many normal bullet vibrators because of this, in my opinion, as vibrations can become uncomfortable. This toy doesn't have that problem. If you are looking for similar sensations with more classic vibration patterns, Smile Makers' The Poet may be a better choice.

I also found the toy to be ultra-quiet generally, especially on the lower settings, so much so that you wouldn't be able to hear it in the next room. On the higher settings, the vibrator creates more of a mechanical whirring sound than a buzz, so even if someone did hear it, they'd be unlikely to immediately know what it was. The only time is really makes a sound is underwater - but hopefully you'd have some background noise to drown this out if you're using it in the bath.

While the Satisfyer Pro 2 and The Poet are somewhat similar in design to other models, meaning you might have come across them before, everything about this sex toy is different from what our tester was used to, so it's ideal if you've tried pretty much everything else and are feeling a little bored with your collection. "You have to put your thumb through the center of the toy in a certain way to use the controls," our tester says. "I found that following the diagram in the instruction booklet was handy, otherwise I would have struggled to immediately know what to do. At first this feels a little odd but you do get used to the position, and it really pays off when you turn the vibrator on."

In a long-distance relationship? Our tester is too and trialed the vibrator both remotely with a partner, in person, and on her own. The We-Vibe Sync could be the best vibrator to keep that spark going, she found, as it can be controlled by anyone in the world to who you give permission. All your partner has to do is download the free app.

With vibes hitting both your clitoris and G-spot at the same time, and with 10 different pulsations to choose from, all you have to do is find a setting that you both like. It's also really versatile to use, more so than many of the rabbit vibrators on our list, as you can also use it standing up and keep it in with just a push of a finger every now and then without needing to grapple with the handle.

The elliptical cycle created by this technology moves the point of the vibrator like an infinity symbol or the number eight, unlike many of the traditional clitoral vibrators that move in a circular motion.

While this vibrator may be built with a unique design, it's actually a very entry-level toy so it's more than suitable for anyone creating their first collection. As our tester Aoife found when reviewing the LELO Dot, it's so simple to manage and the pinpoint tip can be used directly on the clitoris as well as other erogenous zones on the body - such as the nipples, neck, and inner thighs - for amazing sensations.

I tested The Poet myself and found that it's a real gamechanger when it comes to how to use a vibrator, unsurprising considering how great other Smile Makers' vibrators are - like The Billionaire and The Artist (also on our list). Not only will the suction-style toy pretty much guarantee an orgasm thanks to its targeted design to sit over the clitoris, but it's gone one step further. The result? Multiple orgasms.

When we asked our tester what the main difference was between a vibe like this one of the other bullet vibrators on the market, she said, "It has a flared up that gave my clitoris a wider range of vibration styles and it has a useful finger strap so when my partner used it on me, it felt like an extension of their hand, and mine when I used it on myself."

Designed for solo use or with a partner, the best bullet vibrators tend to be about the same size as a tampon and the girth of your thumb. In the rabbit vibrators vs clitoral stimulators, they certainly sit on the side of clitoral stimulation as they're vibrators mainly designed for external use on the clitoris and the erogenous zones, such as the nipples and perineum.

LELO has a habit of pushing the boundaries when it comes to sex toys, and this new-style vibrator is no exception, our tester found. "The Enigma is a bit like a rabbit vibrator in the sense that one end can be used for internal penetration to hit the G-spot and there's an external numb to hit the clitoris at the same time. The 'nub' definitely has special powers though," she says. "I had an orgasm so quickly using this toy, which was great but I would have liked more of a lead-up."

For me, this is the best standard rabbit vibrator. It's powerful and not for the faint-hearted. Even the shape of the shaft is a bit overwhelming, despite the cute rabbit-shaped features, so you'll need to use plenty of lube to make this work for the first time.

G-spot vibrators come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are rabbits that work the G-spot and the clit at the same time, some are more dildo-shaped and just focus on the one spot, while others are egg-shaped and work as the best app-controlled vibrators.

Strong, deep vibrations and super soft, this traditional-looking sex toy is the perfect shape for penetration, making G-Spot orgasms almost guaranteed. No wonder it made it onto my best vibrator roundup.

It has ten rotating patterns, which your pelvic floor muscles will contract in response to, although quite gentle, there is more than enough variation available to help keep things interesting. One of the best things about this device (and one of the key reasons that it made it onto the best vibrator list) is the curved shape of the shaft - it just makes handling so much easier. This design comes with remote control, too, so you can go hands-free, but my preference was to hold on to the toy itself, especially when focused on the pelvic floor. 041b061a72


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