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Oscar Afanasyev
Oscar Afanasyev

PJ Indo Map 1.46

Compared to other fossil records, C. sumatraensis from Khok Sung is smaller than that from the Late Pleistocene of Lang Trang in Vietnam (de Vos and Long 1993), Tam Hang South in Laos (Bacon et al. 2011), Padang Cave in Sumatra (Hooijer 1958), and Xianrendong in China (Chen and Qi 1978, Chen and Li 1994) (Fig. 34) and from the late Middle Pleistocene of Guanyindong (Li and Wen 1986) in China. The Khok Sung material also matches morphologically that of the subspecies C. s. kanjereus from the Middle Pleistocene of Yenchingkuo in China (Colbert and Hooijer 1953) and from the late Middle Pleistocene of Thum Wiman Nakin in Thailand (Tougard 1998). However, C. sumatraensis from Khok Sung is larger than that from Thum Wiman Nakin and Naemorhedus from Thum Prakai Phet. It differs from C. s. qinlingensis described from the middle Early Pleistocene of Gongwangling in northern China (Hu and Qi 1978, Zhu et al. 2015) in having its smaller size and less developed parastyle and metastyle on the M2. However, we do not assign the material to the subspecies level based on the few isolated teeth.

PJ Indo Map 1.46



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